2000MG CBD cooling rub for mid-advanced use.


This (2oz) jar is a game-changer for maximizing your training and recovery days. Packed with premium hemp extract, skin-soothing menthol, and peppermint essential oil, you’ll feel the gentle cooling effects as you massage the highly absorbent cream into your skin for fast-acting comfort, recovery, and relief, from whatever type of physical activity you engage in.


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Vital Essence Full Spectrum CBD Cooling Rub 2000MG

  • Hydration or nourishment of the skin.

    · Soothing inflammation.

    · Assisting with excess oil production.

    · Providing antioxidants

    CBD’s high fatty acid content may provide deep nourishment by acting as a seal for the cracks in-between cells and tissue. This can result in locked-in moisture and glowing, dewy skin.


    While free radicals produce pollution that can damage the skin, CBD’s antioxidant properties may help combat its negative effects. By stabilizing these free radicals, CBD may support a healthy and normal aging process.


    Experts have found that the body’s endocannabinoid system is naturally designed to positively respond to the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabinoids. Whether it’s for post-work out recovery or pre-menstrual cramps, CBD can help encourage a sense of calm, normal recovery and healthy mobility.


    Emerging CBD skincare research suggests that the compound’s ability to help curb excessive oil production and work as an antimicrobial agent may support the management of bacteria and fight against acne.