Our Full Spectrum CBD balm combines a soothing lavender scent, natural beeswax, and privately grown outdoor hemp to assist you in your on-the-go lifestyle.


CBD balm can be used to help support normal recovery post workout, healthy mobility, and hydration for the skin.


Spread on desired spots using two fingers to scoop and easily spread onto the skin. This hemp balm will provide the comfort and relief you need while you exercise, hike, travel, explore, or whatever else you decide to partake in. 


This CBD balm is for mid-advanced aches and discomfort.


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Vital Essence

Looking out for your mental and physical health is our #1 priority

Vital Essence Full Spectrum Lavender Balm 1000MG

  • This product line was created to benefit people who struggle with sleep, anxiety, worry, depression, focus, pain, soreness, acne breakouts, & more. The mental & physical health of our customers is our #1 priority.

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